1)   Charbak Dipta

He is a self taught artist.I have been drawing and painting since childhood.

His style is a mixture of Bengal school,Ligne Claire,Marcinell School and my own innovation.This style that he maintains is just an extension of his personality.

2)   Nisha Thomas

Having spent a good part in U.A.E, with much love for their traditional designs and having interacted with different nationalities has made her to explore more about different traditions and incorporate such details into my art works. She wants to capture these various styles into my designs.

3)     Chandan Pramanik

fers to ordinary subjects depicted with a particularly accurate depiction of light and open composition. He tries to imbibe it in his paintings.

4)     Samrat Roy

Does engineering with applied pressure, art with love . Photography is something which gives immense satisfaction and happiness. It has always been about bridging the inner voids, connecting more to everything around.